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LensCrafters is an international retailer of prescription eyewear and prescription sunglasses. Its stores usually host independent optometrists on-site or in an adjacent store. The company has its corporate headquarters in Mason, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.

Brandy shared her experience, "I have been going to LensCrafters for over 20 years and wearing glasses for over 35 years. The customer service is HORRIBLE compared to how it used to be. I ordered a pair of glasses back in March. All stores stopped doing adjustments due to COVID, so I had to wait until July to pick them up. I returned them over the phone and repurchased when they re-opened to full services. When I finally was able to pick them up, the fish-bowl effect was overpowering and nothing was helping. The "lab guy" was very upset that I had a problem and argued with me in the middle of the store in front of my husband and other customers. I decided to try smaller frames and give this company another chance. The 2nd pair was almost 2 weeks late and they never bothered to call or text to me to let me know."


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Former Employee - Lead Licensed Optician Team Lead says

"N.VA area has a tight clique amongst managers who sabotage those not accepted regardless of skillset. Broken promises. Must use vacation hours for sick leave or to make 40 hrs. Inconsistent scheduling. Totally racist towards black male employees and customers."

Current Employee - Sales Consultant says


Current Employee - Licensed Dispensing Optician says

"The management seem to be very immature, lacking professionalism. I was unhappy most of the time. Should I smile or be in a good mood, I had to hide it from the manager."

Current Employee - Apprentice Optician says

"Open during a pandemic. Terrible company that makes you choose between your safety or getting paid."

Current Employee - Store Market Manager says

"No work life balance. Good for people with no kids or spouse."

Former Employee - Optician says

"horrible training, no staff support from upper management."

Former Employee - Store Market Manager says

"This was the most toxic company and environment I have ever worked in. If you are looking for lack of teamwork with your peers, competition in an unhealthy way, lack of communication/ direction, unprofessional corporate management, bullying and lack of leadership then this is the job and company for you. My first year in my position was easily the worst year of my life. I stayed for 5 more years as it was decent pay and I was able to work the schedule I wanted. I went through 3 bosses and absolutely NO leadership development. These people do not care about your development- only that you make numbers. Have an issue and need to partner with corporate- Good Luck- you will be faced with snarky degrading emails and a lack of care. The different departments do not communicate and everyone is on different pages with different agendas. Lab has a different focus than retail- what teamwork!! NOT. This company is outdated in their philosophies and is not pro employee. the most unprofessional company I have ever worked for. Save your mental health- stay away from this place!"

Former Employee - Store Market Manager says

"The last time this company was great was when Eric Anderson was the president.You felt cared about as an employee,engaged,passionate about making a difference and that you were truly helping people and having fun.It WAS a great place to work. Unfortunately the company’s values and culture have changed drastically.Customers and employees are not the #1 priority.The priority is making sales and when your traffic is down 20 % they blame you and tell you to get into your market and make connections, basically soliciting business.The employees are treated like garbage, their comission is laughable. You lose amazing people because they high amount of stress to push different lenses and options amd then they get paid 9.00 in commission. When they sell20k. Turnover rate for managers on demand own is horrendous. People are expected to be robots and not be themselves. It’s really sad what has become of the brand and culture."

Current Employee - Eyewear Consultant says

"Poor management force sales on you don’t care about your feeling or needs only care about being staffed and making sales pay is horrible compared to what you do on a daily basis yearly company raise after my 2nd year of 25 cents horrible ..."

Former Employee - Licensed Dispensing Optician says

"These people are all about the money. The people in middle and upper manager are more often than not, NOT opticians, so they have NO clue about what it takes to make quality eyeglasses. They could not care less about quality eyewear. If you tell them about the trash they send from their labs, they expect you to look the other way. They will go to great lengths to let crappy eyeglasses go. I will never ever work for them again."

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"If you’re looking for an organization that takes advantage of employees, work for LensCrafters! The organization will do everything they can to dangle a carrot in front if you and never promote those who perform well if there are “favourites” who don’t perform well."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"Save yourself the stress and don't apply to work for Luxottica. This multi million dollar company doesn't care about there staff or there products...only about sales $$$ -Cheap materials -No work life balance -Stressful -Backhanded comments Save yourself a trip to the doctors office and work for any other optical company."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"A company that does not support its employees. The company changed hands during the time I was there and it went from really a good company to work for two the worst company with no support from your superiors. They will put you under the bus in a heartbeat."

Optometric Technician (Former Employee) says

"The girls at that place were lazy, spending more time talking than working and obviously the Dr was ok with that. They don't make you feel part of the team and I didn't understand why since I was trying to be social. Very immature staff. New employees get more hours and they don't even work that hard just because they are friends with the manager. They say you'll get a pay raise after 3 months, I stayed there about 7/8 months and still got paid only $10 an hour. I don't recommend this place, it was not an encouraging experience!"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"A company that does not support its employees. The company changed hands during the time I was there and it went from really a good company to work for two the worst company with no support from your superiors. They will put you under the bus in a heartbeat"

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Management is very negative and selective with who they're nice to, you only get commission if everyone hits their goal (which is never), you don't get paid overtime for staying later, and sales goals are completely ridiculous. Too much is expected for such little pay. Everyone is in it for themselves and there is no team effort whatsoever, not to mention some customer requests are ludicrous. Oh, and they'll hire you as "part time" yet make you work 5 days a week so as to not have to give benefits. This company is an absolute joke; would NOT recommend applying."

Sales Consultant (Former Employee) says

"This place Lenscrafters at the Vintage Faire Mall is a place where discrimination is alive! The Hispanic Assistant manager only like other Hispanic workers, and mistreats anyone else who isn’t. She often yells at you in front of customers and often treats Customers with disrespect. Enough so that they complained to the doctor. This place is not what it should be and for this reason I quit."

Store Market Manager-Licensed (Former Employee) says

"The company does not hire many qualified managers at any level. The ones that are true assets have their hands tied to actually accomplish and achieve meaningful results. Corporate entities dictate ridiculous limitations on building your business that are not based in any realistic situation in order to dumb down running a store for inadequate managers and more inadequate regional managers to handle the best they can"

Retail Manager (Former Employee) says

"Lack of work training and in a field of customer service there is none. The work balance and work hours are inconsistent you never know when you will work a full schedule . You are hired for full time but end up with part time hours . When did management get to be a part time job."

OPTICIAN (Former Employee) says

"They hire managers from the outside. No advancement for current hard working employees. It’s all about how much money you can get out of the customer rather than what the customer actually needs or can afford.No work/life balance and it’s all about the numbers"

SALES SUPERVISOR (Former Employee) says

"Unrealistic expectations. High turnover. Constantly in training mode. Retail hours so pretty much every Saturday and most Sundays. Benefit costs are excessive."

Optical sales (Former Employee) says

"The company directives change from day to day. No clear plan to follow. Goals were unrealistic and hard to hit. Managers constantly checking on your metrics and saying if you can’t meet the goals they can find someone who can. Very stressful job."

Eyewear Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Its a job that might help pay bills but you will not go anywhere no matter how hard you work. The job might suck the life out of you. You can push and not get anywhere. Raises may never happen. If they do .20 cent raisesNoneAll"

Team Lead (Current Employee) says

"This company is extremely micromanaging on top of falsely promoting patient and employee appreciation. No perks for employees other then the year free glasses that isn’t even worth sticking around for."

Eyewear Associate/Retail Manager (Current Employee) says

"Although I have a large number of loyal patients who have followed me from one location to another my ability to move up has been stifled. The constant turnover in management both in the store level and on the district level has been frustrating and has prevented many candidates deserving of promotion from moving up in the company."

Assistant Manager (Former Employee) says

"Worlds worst company to work for they promise you yhe world to get you in the door and then change their minds without telling you. Pay is promised but only if you meet goals that are never achievable. Upper management supports regionsls that have no clue what they are doingNoneToo many too list"

Eye Care Advisor (Former Employee) says

"Very low pay. Lenscrafters will keep you in poverty. Low salary, and just when you think you are full time, more people hired and back to part time you go. All about favoritism, your previous experience and knowledge means nothing unless you are an employee who was referred by another employee or a friend only then will you quickly be trained and moved up surpassing others with years of experience. Literally, will train a person with absolutely no knowledge into management just for being referred by another manager. If you have experience Lenscrafters is a step down in life.Totally retail orientated, sad to see how such high tech medical field is crammed into a retail pushed business. It's definitely all about money for Lenscrafters and their GM's. What a joke to even hear what a store assistant makes in salary. Employees with previous experience so NOT worth it! New graduates from Platt college always get hired here and good start but it's all retail. If you love this field this is only a starting point. Move on as soon as you could. Put your education to better use. I wasted my time here. And walked away from this field I loved for better pay. Wish I never worked here, I was so limited to what I was "allowed" to do, because GM wanted to train and promote personal favorites or friend referrals. Punished for my knowledge. I loved that she finally learned and educated herself because she only knew about retail management. That I could say was my greatest joy watching our GM learn how to use the lensometer; Because she actually yelled at me once when I went to get a readingNice environment, tools available to learn more, music while you work but same songs too repetitive can grow on you or get old fast, Nothing worth making a careerLow pay, minimal hours, work all days of the week, must be available at a phone call notice if you want more hours, Education and experience means nothing here, Holiday requests handed out to supervisors, management first and good luck if it's gonna be you, Favortism"

Optician (Former Employee) says

"When you work for this place you have to be able to be part of the group if you're not part of the group you will never be able to advance or get any type of credit or advancement the manager in particular or managers in particular sales supervisors assistant manager's assistant leads of sales whatever you want to say are all together as a click they all hang out together they all will watch each other's back all they do is Gossip gossip gossip and never get any work done also very racially motivated towards people of color especially blacks always profiling always stereotyping the manager basically just will stay on her phone the whole time never help people out I was in a personal situation where the manager wouldn't help me I even talked to the assistant manager never did anything for me I would never ever want even my worst enemy to work for this place is to the fact of how they treat people the managers wont do anything for you unless your in their clickWhen you get 75% off for yourself which is the only pro which is so sadNo advancement jealousy racist haters its only their group no one else etc etc"

Everything (Former Employee) says

"The company does not care about its employees. I was expected to do my managers job after 1.5 years of being switched from department to department daily without compensation or proper training. I was not offered a promotion or a raise and when I asked for one I was told it wasn’t possible. I was hired to work 20 hours per week and ended up working 40 and every time I brought this up I was told that once someone was hired I’d go back to 20. Guess what, no one was ever hired. I had coworkers who applied for tuition reimbursement and were approved and never received the money. When they called to see what was going on they were told it was being taken care of and the money would be sent but they never received it. Everyone is jumping ship. Stores are losing people faster than they can hire them so the remaining employees are over worked and underpaid. The only raise you will see is a cost of living raise."

Optician manager (Former Employee) says

"I wish this was what it was in the beginning! I loved and still love what I do. LensCrafters don’t put their associates first! Not realizing we are the necks that hold the head up!"

Shakil Aslam says

"Scammers! Made an online appointment for an eye exam for my glasses. I received a phone call a day before that my insurance would not pay for the retinal picture. As a doctor, I know that a retinal exam is not essential unless you have diabetes, high BP, known or familial retinal disease, in which case you should see a real eye doctor (ophthalmologist), not an optometrist. Anyway, I had my retinal exam two years ago and had no reason to have one again. I told the lady that I did not want a retinal exam. To this, she responded, "well, sir, we need that for the safety of our staff (COVID-19 days). Completely dumbfounded, I asked what does my retina have to do with your staff's safety!! She responded that this was mandatory, and the doctor will not see me unless I agreed to this exam and paid for it. This is an unbelievable scam; I could not have made it up. I had to cancel my appointment. Avoid them at every cost! This was for the Burlington Mall location in Massachusetts."

Jennifer says

"They are a corporate store that does NOT abide by LensCrafter policies. Store refused to accept a return within stated time. Charged me additional money saying I needed to use their warranty service. They told me to work with them and give them more time... and they would note my timely return requests and that I could return after I give them time to fix the problems. I went to other eye doctors and had glasses checked by additional professionals. Been trying to work with them for 10 months - never been able to wear glasses!!! Over $1000 total purchase. I filed a corporate incident report 10 days ago and haven't heard a thing. Stay away from this store. Update Aug 31, 2020 - I received a response to a review over 10 days ago and was told that the Regional Manager would reach out to me to resolve the issues. Not True. Haven't heard a thing and I've been following corporate policy rules."

alice hunsinger says


GP says

"Do Not buy glasses at LensCrafters in Lubbock Texas. The lab is always down!!!! The customer service is terrible. They really don't care if you ever get your glasses. The sales lady is very hateful when you call to inquire about your glasses. She will tell you to wait until you receive a text from them. She will tell you not to call again! Has been 18 days and still no glasses."

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